Welcome to the HOA Newsletter!

At Avon Lakes Village, we believe in fostering a strong sense of community and keeping our residents informed and engaged. Our HOA newsletter serves as a valuable resource to connect residents, share important updates, and highlight upcoming events and initiatives. This website page provides an overview of our newsletter and how it enhances the HOA experience.

Stay Connected: Our newsletter is designed to keep you connected with the happenings in our community. It serves as a platform to communicate important announcements, such as upcoming meetings, maintenance schedules, and policy changes. By subscribing to the newsletter, you’ll never miss out on vital information that affects you and your neighbors.

Community Updates: The newsletter is a source of community updates, sharing news and accomplishments from our residents. We love celebrating milestones, achievements, and success stories within our neighborhood. Whether it’s a new addition to the community, a successful community event, or a resident spotlight, our newsletter aims to recognize and bring the community together.

Please review the Avon_Lakes_NewsLetter for June 2023 from HOA Board Members.